Playstation 4 Games – Maybe the Last Console Games

Based on several reports it seems possible that the Playstation 4 Games will likely be the last console games to be released. Not that there will no longer be Playstation games, but you may no longer need a console to play them. Sounds crazy I know, but that is what some of the big wigs of gaming are saying. A summary of what is being said is that the console is just not needed any more, that there are so many possibilities within the online gaming world now, and the technology for cloud computing has increased so much, it seems that the console is just holding more and more people back from being introduced to the Playstation brand.

While the Playstation consoles are amazing, they are expensive… and that price has kept some gamers from being able to take part… especially in secondary markets. The idea with being able to play games without having to purchase the console would certainly introduce the Playstation brand to millions of new users, it would also allow current gamers to be able to use their console funds to purchase additional games, like Uncharted.

It will be awhile before we know if any of this is true, or even logical… but I think at some point we will certainly be a world full of gamers that can access some if not all of the most popular games with out the need for a gaming console.

Uncharted on PS4


A few months ago, in November 2011, the newest game to the Uncharted series released: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. It was such an awesome game, it won multiple awards at Spike’s Annual Video Game Awards, including Best PS3 Game and best Graphics.

So, now that the newest game has won achievements like best graphics, we have to wonder how it will improve. No, we’re not talking story-wise. We mean gaming. And, right now, Uncharted 3 utilizes every possible feature of the PS3. What does that mean?

It means we need a new console. The PS4, which is rumored to release in 2012.

With the rumors going around about the PlayStation 4 under development, we have to assume that the next Uncharted game will release on a brand new console, since it takes so long for testing and development.

Heck yes!

RAGE for PS4


In less than a week, a new game is coming to PlayStation: RAGE. On October 4, 2011, everybody will be defending against bandits and mutants in a world close to extinction.

RAGE is a brand new blend of graphics, first-person shooter, and racing game. You get to own a car, buy it upgrades, decorate how you want, and use it to race or out run your opponents.

The world of RAGE is pretty much in chaos: Earth was hit by an asteroid. Before this happened, though, Earth put people in life pods that were buried beneath the surface of the Earth. You play the commander of one such life pod, and when you rise, you realize that humanity is close to extinction as a corrupt government rules the land, and mutants and bandits are cut throat and without mercy. There’s also many useful tutorials, guides and cheats for RAGE. You can check them out to get better at the game.

Amazon always has special deals for game pre-orders. Simply pay the dollar fee and get the game on the day of release (my GOW3 came before I even woke up) and you also get $10 promo credit. That’s pretty awesome, in my opinion.



Best of Fall: Mobile Game Cheats


Star Wars: Uprising

Star Wars: Uprising is definitely an online RPG from Kabam. In this game, you practice on the role of any smuggler who’s attempting to earn an income and work off his debt whilst the Empire strengthens its hold within the galaxy through an “iron blockade.” Gamezebo’s Star Wars: Uprising tips, cheats and techniques will help you opt for the path of righteousness and justice (if that’s everything you really want) inside a galaxy far, miles away.

There are myriad skills in Star Wars: Uprising, a few of which need to be purchased via characters’ bodyguards as well as other tough guys (business women). Don’t forget to search around and pay attention to what’s open to you. More options available as you gain levels.

Another essential thing to remember about skills in Star Wars: Uprising is the fact that they’re activated by certain gestures. Most defensive (and a few offensive) skills are fired up by tapping your character. Most pistol-based skills are activated by causing a “pull back” motion above your character. Mess around and discover what suits you best.

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Dawn of Steel

Dawn of Steel is really a brand-new RTS / base-building hybrid from Flaregames. In Dawn of Steel, players control three giant mechs and destroy quite as much of the enemy’s base as is possible. While it plays out very similarly to other base-building mobile games, Dawn of Steel gives players complete power over their mechs, and that’s enough of an responsibility and keep players very busy issuing movement and combat commands throughout each mission.

My favorite strategy involved ignoring the enemy’s base, getting a building or stretch of wall to get my mechs behind that has been close enough to turrets and also other defenses to strike with my mech’s rockets. I would just spend just a few minutes just launching rockets on the wall/building, take away the defenses, and after that move in and easily tidy up the rest with the base.

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Smashy Road: Wanted

Smashy Road: Wanted is often a chaotic spin within the popular “Crossy” franchise. Take control a car or truck and cause all the mayhem within the peaceful city because you can! Just be sure to dodge the cops – they’re to bust you together with they won’t stop for anything! We’ll allow you to smash all things in sight with this Smashy Road: Wanted cheats, guidelines strategy guide!

Collect the bucks! There are random cash drops scattered all over the world. If you collect one of these brilliant you’ll earn one cash. We know it’s little, but it’s the only method to gather cash apart from watching advertisement videos!

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Eternity Warriors 4

Eternity Warriors returns with all the newest game inside series, Eternity Warriors 4! Eternity Warriors is often a Diablo-like dungeon crawler which has you hacking and slashing your path through hordes of enemies. Collect glorious loot, master devastating skills, and challenge other players in this particular intense action RPG. We’ve got a great deal of dungeons to acquire through so lets get started with the Eternity Warriors 4 cheats, suggestions strategy guide!

Every day, you have three free offerings for your God of Iron. The God of Iron will randomly present you with either a uncommon, rare, or epic item. If you offer to him enough times you may automatically obtain a free gift. Be sure to occurs free offerings prior to a day ends! The God of Gold requires gems, the premium currency in this game and that means you won’t workout on it excessive.

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Nibblers from Rovio is really a match-3 puzzler which will appeal to any fans from the genre. The game features charming aquatic characters feasting on bright tropical fruits while thwarting irksome reptiles. Matching the most effective combinations of fruits will spawn new Nibblers was required to clear certain baddies making progress. If you’re trying to take your team of Nibblers as far as it can be, take a look at our tips, tricks, and techniques.

If you receive a puzzle the location where the goal includes both clearing many mud/goo and removing a reptile, give attention to clearing the obstacles first. Because you’ll need to do a great deal of clearing, the possibilities are that a reptile have been around in your path because you’re taking care of anyway.

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Strategy Guide and Tips – Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga may be the sequel on the original hit from King games Candy Crush Saga. It is a brand-new standalone app as opposed to an add-on like Dreamworld was. The game is completely revamped with brand-new level goals, latest features, and new twists of all of the things you loved about Candy Crush right from the start.

Candy Crush Saga is not difficult to learn, but gets challenging quickly. For this reason we provide our Candy Crush Soda Saga videos as examples so as to see how we complete each level. We play each one of videos without needing boosters to demonstrate that each level is usually completed that don’t have them. We also offer guides with detailed methods to beat the toughest levels and may continue to increase based on your comments and questions. We try and offer the most complete level index that can help players complete all of the Candy Crush Saga Hack levels as effortlessly as could be expected.


When you’re facing a level that includes a very low move count, you’ve got a chance to plan your moves carefully. I always ask myself in the event the move I’m planning to make will help me win the extent. If not, would it be setting me up for any move that can help me win? If the fact is no to the two of these, finished . I’m considering is most likely a bad move.

On these low move-count levels, you undoubtedly can’t afford to waste 2-3 moves on issues that don’t clear jelly or move ingredients, or no matter the goal is. Chances are decent that you’ll lose the exact level if this happens.

Sometimes using these paid power up’s don’t guarantee that you’ll be finishing an amount. Save yourself and play in the game with a slow pace if you’re happy to progress with a stable rate. You might not complete each level for the pace you’re seeking to do it at, but remain strong and save that tough stage for an additional day.


But if you’re like another folks around who don’t desire to wait to accomplish those super tough levels, just purchase a Lollipop Hammer or two. Go ahead and save them up for the people puzzle scenarios that you’ll really need them for though, not for quick fixes for all those puzzles you’re playing with the moment.

If the experience thinks you’re stuck as you haven’t produced move in a little while, it is going to highlight a match you could make. These hints have been terrible, and unless you’re super bound to no moves, they aren’t worth taking. I’ve seen it want me to destroy a 5-candy match with a 3-match instead, or have me centering on the erroneous area of the particular level.

Candy Crush Saga Honest Trailer

Whenever I get one of them hints, I always say to myself “OK, that’s specifically a location I should not be concentrating on.” Occasionally the hint gets it right, but it’s so rare it’s silly.

If you might have any questions in regards to the Candy Crush Soda Saga Levels leave a comment below for Candy Crush Soda Saga Tips and we will answer it as being soon once we can.


GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D Review and Some Tips

This is a Walkthrough for GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D and that is available on mobile for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes. GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D hack can be a military flight simulator in which you go around completing different tasks like destroying tanks or taking down a train.

Right these days there are 29 various things to fly from helicopters to jets and jumbo planes. Each one has multiple weapons and features which might be added to them as well as upgrading the vehicles stats.

This walkthrough may be updated daily according to both popularity and just how far I’m will to select it. I here the later levels require a lot of grinding, hopefully it’s not really a ridiculous amount. Check back often achievable stuff with this Walkthrough.

Latest Features of GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D –

★ Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.
★ Select coming from a wide range of helicopters, each with unique characteristics.
★ Arm your chopper with a various weapons and equipment.
★ Complete missions in Episode mode inspired by real-life conflicts.
★ Challenge yourself with the following mission or replay a custom mission.
★ Also optimized for tablet devices.

General Tips

Controls – In the setting it is possible to choose from 4 different control layout including one in places you don’t should tilt your device.. The non tilting configuration may be the one I use as my tablet goes haywire from time tot time when you use tilt controls. Pick the one you the preferred with and you’ll fare best out in this line of business.

Difficulties – When completing a mission you might unlock your next difficulty which provides more reward, but is much more difficult. You should try to complete as much as possible on Easy before you go back and starting around the harder versions.

Gold – This is often a paid currency which might be obtained free of charge by completing Custom Missions, however the ones that provide Gold cost $ to try out. It’s recommended just to save this to unlock Episodes as each on e will set you back gold. Otherwise you’ll ought to farm Custom Missions for much more which may be a long expensive process.


How to experience GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D?

The world’s strongest combat helicopters have reached your fingertips.
★★★ 30 million downloads!!! ★★★
Become a helicopter pilot and take part in combat missions across the globe.
Select at a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to try and do your missions.
『GUNSHIP BATTLE』 is often a helicopter action game that combines stunning 3D graphics with flight control simulation and engaging military scenarios to tug you into an immersive combat have the moment you begin the game.


Top Reviews for GUNSHIP BATTLE : Helicopter 3D App –

BACK IN SHAPE, LOVE IT AGAIN! Finally that annoying importing data message is fully gone. It’s time for its perfect state, and also the new helicopter (Z-10) looks epic! I just wish or hope that this F-35 will likely be implemented in the sport. As well as the F-22 Raptor and J-20 Dragon. The game is fun the way it always been months ago. Would be nice should they updated the experience to allow us to upgrade our aircraft and weaponry, and then we can use aircraft such as apache in later episodes. Most of the aircraft are weak when utilizing them from episode 5-7.


New Cooking Fever Tips and Tricks!

It’s time for you to travel the earth and cook every dish imaginable in Cooking Fever! Cooking Fever can be an addictive time-management game this tests your reflexes and ways in which well you perform pressurized. Don’t get angry though, as we’re here to assist you maintain the best restaurant ever with his Cooking Fever cheats, guidelines strategy guide!

Ready cooking? Let’s get started with this Cooking Fever hack unlimited gems and coins self-help guide to building the final restaurant!

Always have your meals prepared capable to go!

You don’t should really worry about the drinks due to this as they refill by themselves, and also for the actual foods you should always ask them to prepared capable to go. At first you will have one slot to get a hamburger along with your hot dogs, so always try to have one sitting out. Don’t stress about letting them get cold, nevertheless there is no penalty for leaving a prepared food out.

Buy time reduction upgrades first!

The upgrades that reduce preparation/cooking times are the type you want to buy first, like the Cola Dispenser, the Burger Fry Pan plus the Hot Dog Grilling pan. These decrease the amount of time you have to wait with the cola to pour and the food in order to cook, that may become a huge help when you are getting swamped with others later on.



If you’re lacking any trouble maintaining and angry customers aren’t very important, start upgrading the meal itself to help you sell it for higher prices. To make it easier to view who to offer first after a round of serving, go through the customer’s facial expression. They go from happy, to concerned, to sad, to angry, before they finally leave. Serve them in the opposite direction order, from angry to sad to concerned to happy.

Whenever you have stuck one stage, you are able to go back to old stages which you played and play them again for the similar amount of coins you’ll have earned before (or even more coins if you undertake better). Do this so as to earn more stars, or gain experience levels at the same time, and make this happen as many times as you would like.

Load standing on interior upgrades, too. The more upgrades you purchase, the happier your web visitors, as well as the better your tips. Tables, barstools and televisions increase customer waiting time, while tables and barstools as well as increasing tip time. Disco balls boost the amount the top is. That’s simply for the diner – you will have far more upgrades for your Bakery, the Seafood House, Pizzeria, Chinese Restaurant, Indian Diner and Breakfast Cafe also.

Level as much as obtain gems!

You will obtain gems naturally when you progress over the game, because you are rewarded with around 1-5 gems whenever you level up. Don’t stress about spending real cash to get them, just keep playing the sport!

Tertris Battle

Tertris Battle Gameplay – Strategy, Tips, and Techniques

I am one of million players on the most popular Facebook Game Tetris Battle this is your are sharpen your skills on Tetris game that include two modes Marathon and Sprint.

To give you some advice on playing this game I will show some important tips and tricks for you. The battle ways are not included because it is on different guides.

Every time you open your Tetris Battle game on Facebook you will receive a daily bonus which allow you to unlock bonus pis and maintain to gain more free items every day it us just pops up every time you reset your server.


We know the issue for this mobile puzzler has a tendency to spike up quicker than expected. Some (well, most actually) in the puzzle scenarios due to this game test out your patience and eye for winning combo scenarios. It’s with enough contentration trying to filter as many chocolate pieces as you can while you’re being placed in an uncomfortable position on the bus.

Allow us to produce your Candy Crush Saga Hack experience somewhat smoother. We’re planning to offer you 10 essential techniques to excel at this super “sweet” mobile puzzler. Wanna know how to create the most beyond those power candies for huge combos? Then you’ve arrive at the right place!

You can also send gifts to your friends to help you get free energy and also coins. If you have a friends also played Tetris Battle you can also send them gifts that will help them increase the change of getting free stuffs, those stuffs will help you later on.


Tertris Battle


Tertris Battle Gameplay 1


On two players mode don’t count anything which is useless that you make a single line as part of your combo lines.To win on easy way on single player mode you must concentrate more on going quadruple lines. Because if you stacks gets little high on that time while waiting for a long piece it is worth it to send more massive amounts of grey lines on your opponents.

Because I am not as good player on Tetris Battle that makes give me headache every time I play I will share you some tips on how to play it accurately with full of knowledge and techniques  Because cheats cannot help you much but tips is the most important thing that you considered more than just a cheats.

Dragon City  base

Playing Dragon City with Complete Tips

I saw this games which is very famous not just only for kids but for adult also Dragon City is a popular Facebook game where the main goal is about Breeding, Training, Raising and selling of Gold on exotic Dragons.

In Dragon City you can start on a magical dragon island where you can create your hatchery, and to grow your dragons to earn more gold to place them the habitats. If you are now started this you have to placed your dragons in organized, and need to feed with produced foods on your farm. As you can see they are bigger species so they have a big appetite and the things that you have to grow as much food as possible to give their needs.

You must breed them from the start, one thing is you have to incubate their eggs, hatching them and place them on their own habitats and watch them grow. If your City become bigger well you must also increase the habitats of your dragons and make is unique as possible with more breeding trees, and foods on your farms.


Dragon City  dragons


As you can see you cannot find Dragon City Cheats but tips on how to play the game and how to become more creative in playing the game this is enjoyable and exiting game that you can played on Facebook. You can also trying to visit other Dragon City and find some ideas and techniques. This game need huge amount of gems, and gold the improve your City.

When I saw that this game has over 10 millions players all over the world and still increasing day by day.


Dragon City  base

Clean Master  android

Boost Your Phone’s Capability with Clean Master

Even the high-end phones like iPhone series of Apple; S and Note series of Samsung also experience lags. It’s normal for smartphones or let me say, any computer device when the memory is about to be full or some deleted files were not removed well.

Phone applications in the long run, will populate your device with unwanted and unknown files. Some of them were not needed and must be released in order to use all you phone’s resources to the full extent. releasing the memory is not done by just removing the application, you needed a third party in doing so.

Clean Master by KS Mobile is one of such. And for me, the best in the category. Whenever I found lags while playing I will just clean my phone using this app and hualla, back to the game.

This free (upgrades available) application will clean your phone with unwanted files in just a tap. Just click on the floating widget in your phone’s front screem, tap the button with a ‘broom’ image and the app will work its way. For a more specific clean up, just click the app icon in your application list to select the specific folder or files you opted to.


Clean Master


What’s great is that this application also serves as your Antivirus that protects your phone from malware; Security Protector when upgraded; App Manager that helps you with uninstalling, memory back-up and move to sd tasks; and many more.

There are also some added features like wifi, data viewer, color (phone) adjuster, ring tone selector, game booster, flash light and many more.


Clean Master android


I love this app so much. this is probably the most tapped in my phone as every time I experience lags, I will automatically clean my phone and it never failed me. I also got idea of what game app will I uninstall as it eats up large portion of my phone’s memory.

This is also very user-friendly. You don’t have to read too many direction, nor to be techie to understand how this works. Just tap and clean; and for a deeper clean-up just tap the app itself and go with flow.

KS Mobile is such a genius-service-oriented company. Giving their app, Clean Master a perfect score (5 of 5).

Tic Tac Toe start

Tic Tac Toe – Another Simple Yet Exciting Game

Tic Tac Toe has been a part of our lives. This game has wasted so much paper and chalks as this kept us busy during those elementary and high school moments. I even remember that me and a buddy would sneak papers to exchange moves even during class hours.

In this modern age, Tic Tac Toe also goes digital. This game is now available in iOS and android. The only question is, who can give the great design and game flow?

Optime Software – the creator of the game Four in a Row – have the best tic tac toe game for android users as per my preferences. Given with the same title, this free application features the game tic tac toe in a black board like platform. This supports one to two players where you can play with real human and an artificial intelligence (AI).


Tic Tac Toe start


The AI for the single player mode includes three difficulty level to match your thinking skills. The AI decision making also goes randomly to ensure no same moves over and over again.

The graphics for me is the best so far. I tried different tic tac toe games available via my Google-supported device, but the Optime Software’s is the best. The sound is also cute, when you win claps are heard and when you lost sounds of “whoa!” is up.


Tic Tac Toe  winner


Since this is a free application, Optime’s Tic Tac Toe has some advertising banner. But, it’s quite impressive that the developers opted to put the pop-up ads in the main menu only. So far, I never got annoyed with the advertisement.

I also love the “undo” feature giving chance in case I tapped wrongfully.

The only negative I found with this game is the slight lag. There are time that I already tapped on the square for my move, yet it didn’t register. Then, the screen will just show that the AI already moved.

Simplicity, yet great — that’s how I describe Tic Tac Toe of Optime Software. Out 5? I’ll give this game a rating of 4.

iron pants

Iron Pants

Now that Flappy Bird is out of the market due to some reasons that the producer of the game have, you might wonder, is there still an awesome game where I still punish myself with frustration and desperation? Yes there are still other games with that characteristic. Here comes the Iron Pants!


iron pants 2


Iron Pants is similar to Flappy Bird but it is so much harder. The aim of the game is to pass the boxes that are blocking your way. But the control of this game is different from the bird game that you want to play. In Iron Pants, you must hold the screen so that your character will still fly. If you hit the boxes or fall in the ground, you lose. But here in Iron Pants, it is more challenging since your character moves so fast and the control of the game is hard. Sometimes you might dodge the box but still they will count it as a lose. Your lucky if you have a score of 3 in this game.


iron pants


You might think that since Flappy bird is not available anymore in Google Play, you will be bored to death and maybe find and buy a phone with which there is such a game. So why don’t you try Iron Pants first before doing such decision.

If I will rate this game, I will rate it as 5 out of 5.